Speed Dial Can Help To Fix Your Broken RAID Array

Servers and RAID arrays go together because large volumes of data are usually stored on those servers. Of course, there are also individual computer users who use high-end software and need more speed than the average user. However, they will need high end skills to fix a broken RAID array if the need arises. Usually, we have the average user only using computers for emailing or playing some basic games. But, there are those in need of more reliable systems and more space to store data. They may be considered the enterprise users. These people quite willingly invest money in acquiring the best quality servers and their computer systems are also of the high-end variety. In spite of the money they spent on all these systems, crashes happen and data is lost. For them, the urgency to fix misconfigured RAID setups is great and they also have the service technicians’ numbers on speed dial. Perhaps, these serious users are the most prepared, too.

It is not oversight or negligence that causes them to lose data or not have sufficient backups. Even the most meticulous user may have a lapse and it is just unfortunate that this is the one time when their RAID fails them and they have to try to recover their RAID 5 with this source, as an example, or face the loss of their data forever.


Learn How To Fix Your RAID Array

It is a given that anyone using computers and external hard drives to store data will also be using servers. It can also be a given that they will on top of their game with regard to taking good care of their systems. While they may not necessarily know how to fix a broken RAID array on their own, they will surely know a good recovery shop to call. This is especially true of those huge corporations that offer online games and have people playing online from all over the world. It may be hard to imagine the amount of data as it is all compressed and stored in arrays on some huge server. Obviously, these companies cannot afford to lose the data as to lose that is to lose customers. One thing is for certain, backups are a matter of routine for any company that uses a computer system for their entire operations.

In fact, it is likely that there is a whole team given the whole responsibility to ensure that data is always secure and there is no risk to data even if the server has a problem. One of the problems that need tutorials to figure out how to fix their broken RAID array. If you go on YouTube, you are likely to find many experts willing to help you with such lessons. Of course, large corporations would not need that type of basic lesson as they would have trained and qualified professionals to fix broken RAID array.

What If Your RAID 1 Fails?
The RAID 1 has become popular for mirroring, and it usually has two drives that are the same size. If one drive fails, the other takes over, so this RAID is very good for both personal and business uses. The best thing about this device is that the user does not have to repair the array so often, because it is usually very resistant, but in all other ways, the data will not be protected.

Although RAID 1 is very good when it comes to physical problems, in case the virus attacks one of drives, it can easily infect other drives, as well. Luckily, only by contacting experts, the data can be recovered, and it is always recommended to looks for a company that has enough knowledge and resources to do the job. On the other hand, since this requires some special equipment, it is better to check what services they offer exactly. The RAID 1 array may report a problem in many cases, and they usually include bad sectors, corrupt data, accidentally deleted files, power fluctuation, backup problems, and even natural causes. The best technicians can easily determine what caused the problem, and figure out how to repair the RAID set.

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